Monday, July 23, 2007


Friday night, after my massage/romp with favorite FWP C., I was supposed to give another guy a massage, but he called at the last minute saying he was having trouble getting his car to start, so he was about to call AAA and then he'd call me back. I didn't hear from him for a while, so I called back, and he said AAA hadn't come, so we'd have to do it Saturday instead. I was pretty sure he was lying about the car trouble, but whatever. I considered going out to get a midnight copy of HP7, but that seemed too geeky even for me.

I was going to go to bed, but I opened up, and I saw T., and I figured I'd at least say hello.

I first met T. almost six years ago, when he was 18. He came over to my apartment, and we had some fun. He was a good kisser, but he'd never been fucked, so it was mostly making out and oral, but a good time was had by both. I saw him again maybe six months later when I was working very late one night. He came to my office in Kensington, and we made out on a blanket on the floor. He still hadn't been fucked, and he wanted to try, but when I went to replace my fingers with my cock, he backed out. No big deal.

Then he disappeared for a while, and we didn't hook up again. A few years later, he contacted me on, but I was never available when he was online, and he'd never follow up with plans to meet at a later time. A lot of guys want it when they want it but don't want to plan for it. This strikes me as no good way to manage your sex life, but, again, whatever.

Anyway, late Friday night/early Saturday morning, he said he was horny. I asked him to come over, but he said he didn't want to travel, and that he didn't want to make it a late night. I was a little tired, and I considered just forgetting about it, but he is a good kisser, so I told him I could clean up and be where he was staying (house sitting, he said) in twenty minutes.

I almost wouldn't have recognized T. In six years, his short, light brown hair with bleached highlights had been replaced with a head of long, dark brown curls. He'd gained a few pounds, which didn't look bad on him, and his chest had gone from smooth to furry. I grabbed him and kissed him, and then he took me upstairs to the bedroom.

He stripped and got on the bed, and I jumped on him. Lots of deep kissing, alternating with some fairly intense nipple work. Before long, he was going down on me (he's gotten MUCH better at sucking cock), and before much longer, I had my tongue buried in his ass (I'm probably not that much better at rimming, but I've always been very good). T. told me that he loves to rim, and I'd gone to extra effort (for me) to clean up for him, but the combination of my tongue up his ass and my cock down his throat seemed to drive the thought from his mind, and I was happy about that. He pretty quickly got the condom on me, lubed me up, and started to have a seat.

That gave me my first chance to take a breather and look around. Wow. I'd forgotten that young gay men have a much more active and out there sense of decorating than I do. The wall nearest to where I was lying was lined with large posters: Blondie (which only showed Debbie Harry), Janis, Evanescence, Reba, and Debbie Harry. On the opposite wall: a shrine to Elizabeth Taylor, including a large poster of her as Cleopatra.

Anyway, I didn't have too much time to think about the decor. T. has a nice, tight ass, and he was bouncing up and down on me fairly actively, so it seemed incumbent on me to meet him halfway by thrusting up. Occasionally, I'd play with his cock a bit, but he told me to stop so that he wouldn't cum too soon. After a while, I told him to be still, and I lowered him down into X position, apparently a new experience for him, and one which I suspect he will repeat frequently from now on, if the intensity of his reaction is a reasonable indication of how much he enjoyed it.

After a few minutes of X, I got on my knees, pushed his knees onto his chest, and slammed into him hard* while looking down at him and occasionally bending down to kiss him. A few more minutes of that, and he started to cum. I kept fucking him for a while, but he started to get to sensitive, so I lay back on the bed and jerked myself off to a really great ejaculation. Good volume, good distance. T. handed me a towel, and we chatted for a bit while I wiped up and then got dressed. He told me that he'd never been fucked like that before. I assume that he meant the X position, but it's hard to tell: you know kids and their pronoun reference these days.

On the way out, I noticed more Debbie Harry, more Liz, with a tiny bit of Barbra thrown in for good measure. At the door, T. kissed me goodbye and said that he'd see me again. I reckon he means in two years, but that's cool, too. The whole thing was thirty minutes -- about the right amount of time to spend sexing T -- door to door.

*I may have mentioned this before, but if you're going to fuck a guy and you get to choose the music, the very best choice is Janis' version of Big Mama Thornton's "Ball and Chain." It's what I was hearing in my head while we were going at it. I didn't see the point in mentiong it to T., though. The poster notwithstanding, I'm sure he would have thought I was talking about the Social Distortion song, and that would have been really depressing. Youth really is wasted on the young.

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