Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Latin Rubs

It's a good thing that I had the post-midnight quickie on Friday/Saturday because my Saturday morning guy had to cancel on me. Through a truly bizarre combination of events, W., the uber-hot, older, marathon-running submissive spent Saturday morning in the hospital rather than with me. At least he wasn't in the hospital because of his own illness. Just before I got together with b&c, I was semi-dating this guy S. who called me to cancel from the hospital ER (interestingly, the same one that W. landed in), and when I talked to him a week later, he'd been admitted (to a different hospital, though) and was recovering from a heart attack. A few months later -- after he'd assured me that he wasn't going to keel over while being fucked -- we hooked up again, but then he decided he didn't want bypass surgery (he was 39), so instead he went back to London and then to India to meditate or something. He was Indian, so I guess it made some sense, at least to him. Eventually he came back to the U.S., but b&c and I were an item by then, so S. and I were just FWPs for a while. In fact, he was my second favorite FWP until he and my then-favorite FWP both came to our holiday party, met, left together, and became an item. A monogamous item. I still see them socially from time to time, but they've never invited me for a threeway. Ungrateful bastards.

Anyway, W. couldn't make it, and I was uncharacteristically disappointed. See, W.'s a bit on the inexperienced side, and in our e-mails prior to our scheduled meeting time, I'd been suggesting that he might want to explore bondage, and he'd been responding with enthusiasm. I'd really been looking forward to having him tied to the bed. I might have been downright depressed if I hadn't been able to run out at 9:30 and pick up two copies of Deathly Hallows from Costco. Still, the need to read Harry Potter and the need to have sex are really discrete phenomena, so I was a little bit bummed.

Fortunately, I had a few massages scheduled. One was with my buddy B., whom I massage (and write about) all the time, and whose massage was noteworthy only because I tried really hard to get him to cum, and I just could not bring him off. B.'s very much a never say die kind of guy on the table, though, and even though he was worked up so hard he was almost screaming, he wasn't going to stop me. But eventually, I'd gone all the way through the whole CD (three of the six Bach unaccompanied cello suites), and I knew it wasn't going to happen, so I moved on to other muscles and then stopped. B.'s only comment was that while he usually gets to the end of the massage feeling relaxed and tired, now he felt relaxed and energized. And then he took me to dinner. I had duck for the second night in a row. Yum.

The other two guys I had on the table were both Latin (yum), both 5'7 (double yum), both very fit, and both cute. And both a lot of fun to rub.

L.'s a thirty-five year old IT guy, originally from Ecuador. He was a little bit shy, and when he first got on the table, he said he would leave his briefs on until I was ready for his lower body. Cool. The briefs were kind of big and not particularly flattering, but I wasn't anywhere near even his lower back before he decided that he didn't need them. It was a good decision: he had a beautiful ass. I really would have liked to go right for it, but giving a good massage is important, so I gave a skilled and thorough dorsal massage before I stuck a finger in him. He was pretty tight, but he seemed to be enjoying it, so I gave him an extra-long prostate massage.

When I got him on his back, I saw a really cute, small, and uncut (but very perky) cock. I never go down on anyone while they're on the table, but he would have been pretty hot to suck, especially given that after I'd worked his arms, shoulders, pecs, thighs, abs, and nipples, he came pretty soon after I started to stroke him. I finished him off with more back work, then he got dressed, gave me a hug, and left. I regret not kissing him. He would likely have been a bit uncomfortable about that, but I'm pretty sure he would have gone along with it and then gotten more comfortable and excited. I'm not sure why I didn't. Even I hold back on occasion. Maybe it was because he was so shy and sweet.

A. (he says he's 58, but he could easily pass for 40) wasn't shy at all. He seemed eager to get naked, and even before he had his briefs off, I could tell he had a huge cock. Or at least huge for someone who's 5'7. I guess on a 6'2 guy, it would just have been a large cock. Anyway, when I had him lie on the table and started to work on him, he asked me why I wasn't naked, and I told him I could be later, if he liked. He said "yes, please."

A.'s massage was remarkably like L.'s (including the equally hot ass and what I did with it) right up to the point where I told him it was time to flip over on his back. He told me it was time for me to get naked, so while he was sitting up on the table, I grabbed him and started to make out with him. A. relies too much on his tongue, but he has really nice lips and is otherwise pretty good with the osculation. I pushed him down on his back (mostly to get some of the oil off him and onto the towel) kissed him again, and asked him if he wanted to head upstairs to the bedroom.

Once we were up there, I did get naked and jumped on top of him. He was very excited already from the prostate massage and his cock (cut) was rock hard, though interestingly hardly any longer than when it was soft. He must have to be careful about what he wears, but then again, he may like showing off. Anyway, we made out some more, and I went for the nipples, and then he went for my cock. I would have loved to rim him, but there was just too much massage oil on his ass, so I settled for a 69 with the addition of a finger up his ass. It didn't take long before he was very close to the edge, at which point he got on top of me, trapped my cock between his legs, kissed me, and came between our chests. He apologized for cumming so quickly and asked me whether I wanted to cum, but I was happy with the way things had turned out, so we cleaned up and went back to the massage table. I gave him a few more minutes on the table, but I think what he was really after was the back work and the sex. He got dressed, gave me a hug, and left. Door to door was less than an hour, and I got back to my book.

I got very nice thank you e-mails from both L. and A., and they both expressed a desire for a return appointment. Which they will be offered.

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