Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just Call Me Kinsey

Sometimes I chat with guys. Sometimes the guys are normal. Sometimes they're strange. Sometimes they start out normal and then get strange.

This guy was in that last category. You'll see what I mean (N.B.: I have removed some lines that were not interesting or relevant, but I have not edited for grammar or to make myself look more clever. It's a faithful representation of the chat, but the sics are left as an exercise to the reader.):

ssg: hi there
Teddy: Hello.
[Edited to exclude conversation where ssg attempts to chat in French, realizes my French is much better than his, and tells me that he’s a mathematician.]
ssg: cool :) when i talk with people i usually talk about ideas not the nitty gritty. i am writing a book you might be interested in
Teddy: You're writing a history of leather?
ssg: hehehe so you've got some fetishes eh? i do too :) i'm very into rope
Teddy: I do like to restrain boys from time to time.
ssg: cool
ssg: blindfolds rock
ssg: because anything you can't supply can be imagined :)
Teddy: Yes. You like to wear them?
ssg: i like to be blindfolded if the dominant gentleman wants to see me blindfolded... or...
Teddy: Everyone looks good in a blindfold.
ssg: if i'm being taken to a noose or electrocution, i prefer to be blindfolded at the start of the scene
ssg: keeps me from panicking
Teddy: I've never done scenes with nooses or electrocution. Interesting.
ssg: well i'm very submissive and some guys like watching that happen to a boy
Teddy: Submissives are so much fun.
ssg: some hangmen go years between volunteers and won't noose an unwilling victim
Teddy: How does a scene like that go?
ssg: well usually the other guy hsots
ssg: err hosts
ssg: i show up and he asks me if i'm sure i want to go through with it
ssg: i usually nod. i'm too scared to speak
ssg: i'm told to strip naked
ssg: and so i do
ssg: then i put my hands behind my back
ssg: and get bound up
ssg: sometimes cuffed
ssg: i'm doing this for his entertainment so i let him set the parameters
ssg: then i sometimes give him a blowjob. on my knees
ssg: then when its time, the blindfold comes
ssg: sometimes i am lead to a waiting noose, sometimes he puts one around my neck and uses it to lead me like a leash
ssg: i'm asked for last words
ssg: the rope is adjusted
ssg: and i'm usually hosted to my toes
ssg: errr
ssg: hoisted
ssg: a buddy in mine in california built his own gallows
ssg: that's extremely rare
ssg: i only know one other guy who did that
Teddy: Do you get hard talking about it?
ssg: very
ssg: its the ultimate act of submission
ssg: giving up one's neck for another's entertainment
Teddy: Do you get hard while it's going on?
ssg: free hanging, 30 secs is no problem for anyone. real executions are 20-60 mins. if the boys feet are on the floor, then things are quite prolonged. oh i get rock hard at the thought of execution. then the fear makes me limp at some point. i get hard again while being strangled.
ssg: blood pressure and all that
Teddy: How long do you typically stay in the noose?
ssg: until one of us shoots. i haven't passed out yet while being
hanged but lots of dominant men prefer that.
ssg: sometimes i'm in the noose but not swinging so your question is hard to answer exactly
Teddy: So you hang freely? It's not a problem because you don't drop from a distance so you don't break your neck?
ssg: i have yet to dangle freely from my neck... i've dangled free with a complex harness arangement that the guywith his own gallows has arranged. i'm usually hoisted to my toes. but hanging freely is safe if there is no drop as you so correclty pointed out
ssg: you sort of half-strangle when you are on your toes
ssg: its a hanging execution in slow motion
Teddy: How long does it usually take you to shoot if you're on your toes?
ssg: depends... i had a hands free orgasm on the rope once but i was 21 ;) usually its up to him. if he starts playing with my rod, pretty darn fast. 15 sec. if not, then i just squirm, gag, etc...
Teddy: Does the other guy typically wear an executioner's hood?
ssg: luckily i haven't met a dominant guy yet who wanted to watch me
die. i'd feel obligated to submit if that's what he really wanted. though i'd probably be limp throughout. oh yes. tha'ts so fucking hot
Teddy: Wow.
ssg: well he might go years or decades before he meets another sub
willing to die during the scene. it wouldn't be nice to disappoint him.
Teddy: Presumably, you wouldn't actually meet up with a guy who wanted that, though.
ssg: sometimes the wrong head makes the decisions :)
[Some talk where I shift the topic to his nascent academic career.]
Teddy: I'm sure you'll get tenure eventually. If not there, somewhere else.
ssg: i'm confident too :) i write a ton
ssg: i have standards, but that means i just have to avoid the degree factories
Teddy: That's cool.
ssg: and make sure no pics of me hanging from a noose or being shot by a paintball firing squad don't end up on youtube
Teddy: I think the paintball firing squad is relatively safe. Besides, you'd be blindfolded.
ssg: yes, another advantage of blindfolds
ssg: paintball hurts
Teddy: Do you like the pain?
ssg: but with red paint and being blown back by impact, looks hot
ssg: nope
ssg: but i do what i can to get others hard
Teddy: Yeah, sucking cock does that too, you know.

For the record, I have no interest in execution scenes. I think I may once have read a porno fiction piece about an execution scene in a leather magazine, but I wasn't aware that it was a real kink. Ssg says that he has "no shortage of executioners," though. It astounds me that there are people who eroticize capital punishment. From the safe distance of chatting about it with a person I don't really know who only plays at it, I find it fascinating. I'm sure that I couldn't ever play executioner, and watching it happen in person would likely make me ill. Of course, the notion of public hangings also makes me ill, but they used to be considered entertainment.

Ssg himself has mixed feelings. He says that he tries to do the hangman's scene only once a year "to reduce the risk of dying" and that he has one guy that he's done it with for the past few years. He said that he'd like to give it up entirely, but he can't. He also let me know that discussing it with me made him ejaculate and that afterwards he felt very embarrassed. I told him what I tell y'all: you can't help what turns you on. But I think if pretending to be executed turned me on, I'd probably at least try therapy. I did ask him to be careful.

And here's a chat with a more normal guy. It's not especially interesting, but it was going on concurrently with the one above. I'm such a multi-tasker, and, once again, sic throughout:

Teddy: Hi.
mnguy: howdy
Teddy: How's life?
mnguy: lifes passin by
mnguy: and urs?
Teddy: I sort of meant how is your life different from the last time I said hi and different from everyone else's.
Teddy: Life's good.
mnguy: lol
mnguy: glad ur answer was so much more succint
mnguy: lol
Teddy: “Succinct” is my middle name.
mnguy: sorry to hear that
Teddy: Yeah, my parents have a warped sense of humor.
mnguy: gotta love em
Teddy: They're otherwise fine people.
mnguy: so glad to hear it
Teddy: So, how's the dating/sex life?
mnguy: so
mnguy: just let it happen pretty much
mnguy: if it chooses to
Teddy: Ah, a submissive. Very nice.
mnguy: not exactly
Teddy: Yes, I remember.
mnguy: i dont force my social life, is what im sayin
Teddy: I may have been teasing you, hot stuff.
mnguy: i know i know
Teddy: You should smile more.
mnguy: u should make me
Teddy: I'd be more likely to make you scream, though you would certainly be enjoying yourself.
mnguy: well an emotion is an emotion, either way
Teddy: Is that what I get for biting on your nipple?
mnguy: i missed that
Teddy: Well, I don't think I've ever actually bitten on your nipple, though I have thought about it.
mnguy: yeah its been a while
Teddy: Since I've thought about biting on your nipple? It's been mere moments.
mnguy: that i wouldnt know
Teddy: How's work and all that?
mnguy: im retired
Teddy: Is that recent?
mnguy: 3 mos
Teddy: How do you like retirement?
mnguy: quite enjoying it
Teddy: Moving to Florida soon?
mnguy: not quite yet
Teddy: Are you actively looking for a job, or are you planning to take a while?
mnguy: alreeady taken now
Teddy: Good luck finding something quickly.
mnguy: thanks
Teddy: Have you considered a career as a sex worker? [Mnguy's last position was in management for a well-known chain of big box retailers.]
mnguy: yes
Teddy: You do seem like you'd be good at it.
mnguy: but i can only have sex with attractive ppl
mnguy: so i wouldnt make much money
Teddy: Ah, that is a problem.
Teddy: Maybe you should wear a blindfold.
mnguy: no way
Teddy: You are way too picky. Revenue opportunities are everywhere if you're willing to be a little flexible.
mnguy: yeah not
mnguy: lol
Teddy: Oh well. There's always dentistry.

By the way, the title of this entry notwithstanding, I never wear bow ties.

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