Monday, July 23, 2007

Suggestions, Anyone?

I have more to say about this weekend's activities, but right now I'm in a quandary. At some point during the weekend, I left my cell phone upstairs while I was downstairs either giving a massage or reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. When I went back upstairs and fetched it, I had six missed calls. Five were from YFU (who eventually called our land line, which made me realize I didn't have my cell phone) trying to figure out when I was going to drop her copy of HPatDH off at her mother's house so that she (YFU) could begin reading it. The sixth was from B. (too fucking many B.s!), a name that I didn't recognize, even though I had clearly programmed it into my cell phone.

This happens to me a lot, but usually the numbers never show up again, so every few months, I just go through and delete the names I don't recognize. I could tell from the sim number on B.'s entry that I had put the number in at least three months ago, so it had obviously been a while, but otherwise, I had no idea who he was.

I was going to just forget all about it, but he just called me again, and he's got that matter of fact, regular married guy, masculine sort of voice which indicates that he must have been at least some fun in bed. And the fact that he's calling me likely indicates that he had a good time, too.

So how does everyone else keep track of guys like this? And please don't suggest that I become less of a slut because a) I don't regard "slut" as a pejorative, and b) as if. (By the way, I tried going back in the archives, but I didn't find anyone that seemed to be him. But, like I said, too many B.s.)

Anyway, he's not free at a time when I'm free right now, so I told him to drop me an e-mail, and maybe he will. But either way, I need some sort of system. Hopefully something that doesn't involve getting a PDA, which I will a) lose, b) forget to recharge, c) never use or d) never use, forget to recharge, and then lose.

I suppose that insisting that everyone I hook up with get a distinctive tattoo is overkill? How about locking them all in the basement? Hey, I'd feed them.

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asspanther said...

In your computer's address book, create a new directory for your sex partners. Along with the number, write their name, date of hook up, and any pertinent details. When a call comes in and you can't recall who the guy is, just look it up.

I starded this about a year ago when I got a similar call. I called him back figuring once we talked I would be able to place him. Not so. When I asked him who he was/where we met/what we did he got all Patty Piss Pants with me, saying he couldn't believe I didn't remember him, blah, blah, judgement, blah. Needless to say he was not rewarded with a repeat hook-up. I told him that it wasn't a big deal to me-I have a lot of sex; if I don't remember you then it was fun. You weren't good enough to make it to say, top ten staus, but you also weren't so bad as to be relegated to the ten worst. At any rate, since instituting the system I haven't had to deal with any more calls like that one. It's also kind of fun to keep track of the people that you would hook-up with again.