Thursday, July 26, 2007


That's right: same old, same old. Regular readers of The Neighbors Will Hear will recall that the only thing the staff here likes more than domestic animals is a nice picture of a domestic animal to take up space at the top of the post so that the NSFW pictures don't appear on the screen until you scroll down. I like for you to have fair warning. The subject matter of TNWH is almost always NSFW, but -- visually anyway -- many of my posts don't have anything that would get you in too much trouble if your boss stopped by, glanced at your screen, and said, "Hey, what's that your reading with all those run-on sentences? It's not more of that hot man-on-man sex talk you like so much is it? Management would really much prefer that you waste your time looking at pictures of cats and dogs."

While I'm not making sense (oh shut up), I'll just mention that the editorial policy here is that while we may show you the occasional bare bum (as long as it's tasty looking; tasteful we don't care about so much), we don't show cock. That's why the pictures later in this post have pink rectangles. The original pictures don't. By the way, the rectangles are on the small side because I took the pictures after the guy in question came. His cock is of a pretty average size, but it shrank somewhat after I separated him from one of his loads.

Do you ever feel like your sex life is in a bit of a rut? I suppose that in the universe of all sex acts, bondage is probably considered unusual, but how many times can you have guys come to your house, remove most of their clothing, put on the blindfold, and call for you to come restrain them, lead them upstairs and have your way with them before it becomes old hat? And I'm sure that readers get tired of seeing pictures of submissives tied to the bed. On the other hand, blindfolded and tied to the bed is a pretty good look for most guys. Take this one:

In person, he's entirely unprepossessing, maybe a little bit dumpy. But the blindfold and the pose make him younger and better. I guess that's why most submissives go for bondage: vanity. "No, no, don't take a picture of me now: I look much better when I'm naked, blindfolded and tied!"

Then again, maybe it's the instant hard-on they get when they're tied and spanked that their after. When S. called for me, he was already getting hard in his briefs, and when I walked him upstairs, threw him across the bed, bared his ass, and belted him a few times, he was rock hard. And he stayed that way until after he came, an hour or so later.

In between, I put him on his knees and fucked his face; tied his wrists to the bed, pulled his head over one end, and fucked his face; pinched, bit, and attached clamps to his nipples; forced him to make out with me (he'd told me in advanced that he loved being forced to kiss a guy, which sort of makes it not so much forcing, but whatever); sat at the other end of the bed and played with his nuts with my feet; put one, two, and then three fingers up his ass; shoved my thick purple dildo into him; and fed him to my giant snake, Nagini. Well, maybe not that last one, but he'd probably have liked it.

He didn't like everything, though. I really didn't think I was clamping or biting his nipples that hard, but after fifteen minutes or so of only moderate nipple abuse, he told me that I needed to stop. Technically, he hadn't told me beforehand that he had any trouble with nipple play, so I didn't really have to stop (and I really wasn't working them that hard: maybe a five or six on the ten-point nipple play scale), but I did anyway. In part because I really wasn't feeling all that into him. I was fine when I was fucking his face from any of several positions, but once he started to complain too much about his nipples, I didn't feel much like fucking him, especially after he whined about taking the dildo, which is less wide than my cock in any case. (I also think skipping lunch and having birthday cake just before I left the office didn't do my libido any favors, and I kind of felt ill for the rest of the evening.)

But I did have a great time keeping him on edge. He was very verbal when he got close to shooting, and he got close to shooting frequently. Each time I'd pull him back and then take him a little closer. Sometimes I kissed him while I squeezed his cock hard, and other times I'd chew on his nipple lightly while just running the tip of my index finger around his frenulum. When he finally came, he was shouting. He was a little bit hoarse afterwards, but I'm sure he recovered soon enough.

By the way, in the remembering-my-tricks category, in the last of a series of e-mails that he sent before coming over, right after I gave him directions and an address, he said that he thought we'd played before. He did look vaguely familiar, but a lot of guys look pretty similar when they're tied down, and I couldn't find him in the archives. I did talk to him briefly after the blindfold came off, but I still couldn't be sure. I really do need a system. I was thinking I should start signing my tricks with a Sharpie (over thirty colors!), but I'm not convinced that "permanent" really means permanent, so I reckon I'll keep looking.

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