Friday, November 9, 2007

Further Evidence That We Live in an Imperfect World

From a recent chat on

mark1975: hi mark here
TED: I'd never have guessed. Hi, Mark.
mark1975: how r u today
TED: Not bad. You?
mark1975: same thxzs
mark1975: just chillin right now day off
TED: Lucky you.
mark1975: thxs
mark1975: 49 single
TED: I have a partner.
mark1975: cool for y
mark1975: im dating someone just started
TED: Cool. Is he good in the sack?
mark1975: yes
mark1975: but open to meeting others
mark1975: if it happens
TED: Open relationships are fun.
mark1975: yes
mark1975: im 6.1 200 moderate hairy nonsmoker btm
TED: Very nice.
mark1975: thxs
mark1975: u?
TED: The stats are in the profile. I too am a nonsmoker, and I'm a top. I like men who kiss well. I'm also into oral, nipple and ass play, and a variety of kink.
mark1975: ah ok
mark1975: cool
TED: It is what it is. Do you like to play wild?
mark1975: depends
TED: I'm afraid that diaper play isn't something I'm into.
mark1975: me either
mark1975: not at all
TED: Mark, I believe what we've got here is failure to communicate.
mark1975: ok



Paul said...

Paul: Great photo.
TED: I thought so, too.
Paul: What's he doing with his hand?
TED: Can't you tell?
Paul: Guess not.

Cooper said...

Haha, the diaper joke is a little lame, but I laughed anyway. :)

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Paul: I'm pretty sure that he's admiring the craftsmanship of his swimsuit. Apparently, from the look on his face, it's very well constructed.

Cooper: The writers' strike is nowhere so apparent as in my repartee. And you have to admit: Mark wasn't giving me a lot to work with.

franck said...

No shit. I'd worked it out after his second line. I'm sure you had, too.