Monday, November 5, 2007


[N.B.: I didn't take these pictures. I found them on the Internet.]

I stayed up way too late Thursday night, and it's a slow time at work, so I called in sick Friday. I told them I was going to spend the day in bed.

I wasn't having the best of luck. B&c had left Thursday morning to visit his mother in NJ, but I hadn't planned ahead because he kept changing his mind about whether and when he was going. I had choir practice Thursday night, and when you live as far out of the city as I do, it's pretty tough to arrange hookups on a Thursday night at 10:30. I tried placing an ad on craigslist, but I mostly got responses from idiots in Northern Virginia. Sure, bud, drive over an hour late on a Thursday night when you have to be at work at 8 am on Friday. You wanna rethink that? Yeah, I thought so.

One of those NoVA idiots told me that it was too late but that he'd be free Friday afternoon. I gave him my number, and we talked on the phone for a while, and he said he was working until noon on Friday and then he'd call me and come over. He seemed eager and very compatible, but after we got off the phone, I did a search on his email address and realized that he'd answered about eight of my ads over the last three years and had never followed through. Even though this was the first time we'd talked on the phone, I wrote him off.

I slept until about 10 on Friday and then logged on to squirt, where I found a bondage sub who wanted to be tied up at noon. He said he didn't kiss "on the first date," but as much as I love kissing, I can get by without it with a bondage sub. (It's really, really hot, though, when you start making out with a guy who's tied up, especially after you've been spanking him or doing some intense nipple play.) And his ass looked pretty good in his pictures, so I figured I'd give it a go.
Can we talk for a minute about the limitations of metaphor? I was about to say that you shouldn't do your grocery shopping on an empty stomach, and you shouldn't arrange your hookups when you're horny because either way you end up with things you shouldn't have. But that doesn't make any sense at all. I suppose you could jerk off before arranging a hookup, but I suspect that would be counterproductive. If hooking up is going to be grocery shopping, then you pretty much have to do it on an empty stomach. But you don't have to be starving. I hadn't done a non-threeway hookup in a very long while (by my standards, anyway), and my judgment was clouded, so when the guy showed up late and said, "I want to discuss some ground rules first" and then (after I had led him by the nipple to the couch) followed up with "nothing goes in my mouth," I should have sent him away. Not kissing is one thing (and even though our heads were a couple of feet apart, I could tell his breath was crap), but no oral? Alas, I was already hard from tweaking his nipple, so I just pushed his ass up the stairs.

He started to undress, and I told him not to. He was, within the bounds he'd laid out, very submissive, so he stopped, and I shoved him on the bed and started to work on his nipples. He'd asked me earlier not to bite, so I didn't: I used my lips and tongue on one nip, and I grasped the other firmly between thumb and forefinger. I had him moaning pretty quickly, but he didn't really get into it until I took off his t-shirt and put the wrist restraints on him. I tied his wrists to the top corners of the bed, straddled him, and started to twist both nipples forcefully. I alternated with feather light touch over his nipples, along his arms, down his sides and across his stomach, all of which made him convulse. He told me that he really liked my touch, so I put the blindfold on him, which made him stop talking and start breathing quickly and shaking, a big improvement.

I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, leaving them on but open. I lay next to him and started sucking and tonguing his right nipple while I ran my index finger over his briefs. He was getting louder and louder, and I really didn't feel much of a need to change anything. Making out with a great kisser is probably at the top of my list, but next to that, working the nipple of a guy who's tied to the bed is really one of my favorite things. In general, I'd prefer to bite and work it harder, but working it intensely without teeth also has a very strong appeal.

When I felt the need to reposition myself, I pulled his jeans off and took off my clothes. I straddled his thighs again, and rubbed my cock against his briefs. I grabbed both pecs in my hands and squeezed, and he got more excited. There was a nice precum spot on the front of his briefs. I knelt on the side of the bed and let him fondle my cock with one of his hands (a bit awkward given how they were bound). Then I slid my hand through the fly of his briefs and started to play with his nuts and finger his ass. He'd seemed all along to be having a pretty great time, but when I touched his ass, he definitely went to another level. So I took off his briefs and went for the lube and toys.
I was having a good time during all of this, but I was never anything like carried away. I was extremely hard, but I wasn't feeling much like fucking the guy, especially after I sunk a couple of lubed fingers up his ass and then needed to wash my hands. He'd clearly cleaned out some, but he hadn't done a thorough job. I pushed a (relatively) thick buttplug into his ass and wedged it against the bed so that he couldn't push it out while I washed my hands.

I sucked on his nipple yet again and played with his nuts for a while, and he shuddered and moaned at increasing levels. He kept pushing his leg up against my cock. I was really hard and having a great time even though I was still a little pissed off about his particular limits. Eventually, he pushed the plug out, and I tossed it in the sink, and then I ignored his ass completely. I kept sucking more and more intently on his nipple, and he would turn his lower body (only his arms were tied) and push his ass towards my cock. I'd let them just barely touch and then I'd back away.

I had him to the point of climax pretty quickly, but while part of me wanted to finish him off and send him on his way, a slightly larger part of me wanted to tease him for a good while, so I stopped stroking him, and he told me that I was really pushing his buttons. I gather that was a good thing.

I spent the next forty-five minutes or so bringing him close and backing off, working his nipple all the while. By the time I was finally ready to get him off, there was a big red ring all around his nip, and he was telling me that I was a real sadist. I don't think I am, but then I've always found it hard to feel like a sadist when the other guy is so obviously having a terrific time. And I wasn't biting him, after all.
We'd been at it for just a bit under two hours when I got him close and didn't stop. He was jerking very convincingly, and as soon as the first squirt of cum came, I squeezed his cock very tightly, hoping to make the next squirt fly farther. It didn't work, but it did get him very worked up and made his cock very sensitive, so that when he'd finished his load and I kept stroking him, he began to whimper and finally begged me to stop. Which I did, of course. I wiped him up with a towel, removed the blindfold, and untied him, and while he went and showered, I untied the ropes from the corners of the bed and put the sex toys either back in the toolbox or in hot soapy water, as appropriate. After some mercifully brief inane conversation, he was gone. I considered looking for someone else, but I wasn't sure I wanted to, and then I got a call from the ex saying that I should probably take YFU for the weekend to balance out the custody schedule, which meant that there wasn't time to look, even if I'd had the inclination.

I put on some porn to jerk off to. I was intent on lasting as long as I could, but I couldn't last that long, and only fifteen minutes later, I had a fairly spectacular -- and very messy -- orgasm. The pillowcases had needed laundering anyway.

The disconcerting thing about the whole hookup was that it seemed to be more about power than about sex. It might seem like that's always the case with bondage, but it isn't. It wasn't the bondage part where the power played out. It was his refusal to give oral and my subsequent refusal to fuck him. As if we each had to withhold something to maintain the balance of power. It seems odd that I would feel like I'm preserving my power by denying my own pleasure, but I legitimately didn't want to fuck him, and it's pretty clear to me that I got a lot more physical pleasure from jerking off than I would have gotten from blowing a load in a condom in his ass. Clearly I'm thinking about this more than is merited, and in future, I'll just choose more wisely.

And not go so long between extracurricular fucks, but sometimes that's easier said than done, even in an open relationship.

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