Sunday, November 4, 2007


I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, earlier this week when my cell phone rang. The caller id said it was b&c. On the one hand, I figured I should answer it because he's my partner. On the other hand, since he only works as a consultant these days, he's got a lot of time on his hands, and sometimes he calls without a good reason: "Hey, you remember that pumpkin carving set that you couldn't find Sunday? I found it!" Which usually elicits something like, "Great. Why don't you put it away again so that we can have this exact same conversation a year from now when you've forgotten again where you put it?"

I've been experiencing a fair amount of deja vu lately. Like on Sunday night, when I was carving my pumpkins with the inferior but inexpensive replacement pumpkin knife that I'd had to go out and find at the last minute when b&c couldn't remember where he'd hidden stored the one I bought the year before, and b&c came into the dining room and told me that he'd read that eating too many fresh vegetables might be giving him gas. I'm fairly certain that he tells me about the relationship between broccoli and intestinal gas every time I'm sitting at the dining room table carving a pumpkin. Or at least one other time when I was engaged in that activity at that location. Still, it's not like I carve pumpkins every night, so it was strange enough to make an impression. I tried to ignore the whole situation because a) talking about gas: ewwww and b) if I'm stuck in a chronic hysteresis, I really don't want to know about it. Would you?

Anyway, there I was at my desk, and I figured: what the hell, I'll answer the phone. What's the worst that can happen? The last time I answered one of b&c's calls, I'd ended up at the opera later that same day, and while that's only about 35% likely to be a good thing, in this case, I ended up scrutinizing the delicious voice and torso of Erwin Schrott.

Alas, no Erwin Schrott-related events were mentioned in this phone call, but b&c did say that his friend Kip had texted b&c to see whether we wanted to do a threeway that evening. I was, naturally, exhausted from being out very late at the opera the night before, but it is not in my nature to turn down a threeway where one of the other two guys is a Filipino nurse. Even when the third guy is b&c.

B&c's and my history with threeways has not been as smooth as, say, Kip's body. In general, my feeling about threeways is that I'd rather do them with two guys who don't know each other or, preferably, with an established couple. That way, I'm the fresh meat, so I get all the attention. In our particular case, b&c wrestles with jealousy or some feeling of exclusion. I'm not entirely sure exactly how much of each is involved, but when he and I do a threeway together, it's often because somebody that he's been playing with wants a top involved. In the past, he would occasionally agree to or arrange a threeway and then sort of back out at the last minute, saying something like "You two go ahead and play," or he'd go out for a walk just before the third man was scheduled to arrive. Then I'd play with the other guy for a while and I'd yell downstairs for him to come and play, and he'd join us eventually. It was immature and a little annoying. Fortunately, he's gotten past that, though nowadays he sometimes sort of withdraws without leaving the bed.

If there are three of us on the bed, and b&c hangs back, then I just play with the other guy. I figure that everyone is responsible for his own pleasure in bed, and if b&c wants to pseudo-sulk, then I shouldn't reward him by coaxing. I reckon that sounds a bit harsh, but there is no reason to reinforce bad behavior. Once about three years ago, I asked b&c how his day had been, and he took that as an opening to rant at me about some imagined misbehavior on my part. So I just didn't ask him how his day was for another four or five months. I didn't want to be bitten twice.

Anyway. I got home around 7:30 that evening and headed for the shower. Kip arrived shortly after eight, having stopped by his place to shower after having worked a twelve-hour shift. It was his fourth consecutive day working a twelve-hour shift, so he was a little tired, but he seemed to perk up when he got to the bedroom. I was lying on the bed in my black boxers, and I moved to the side of the bed where he was standing and started to remove his jeans. I put my hands up under his t-shirt and stroked his nipples, then pulled him down to kiss him. After a minute, he pulled back and said something about how he hoped he wasn't being a tease, so I stood up, grabbed him, picked him up, threw him on the bed (he's really very slight), straddled him, held down his wrists, and said, "Don't worry. If you tease, I'll just take what I want." Kip responds well to authority. I started to kiss him again and worked on his nipples some more with my hands. B&c was still getting undressed.
I took Kip's shirt off and began working his nipples with my mouth, and he started to moan more. He was wearing just a jockstrap now, and while I was chewing on one nip, I was alternately squeezing one ass cheek and spanking the other. He seemed to approve. After a bit, he tried to pull his jockstrap down, but I pulled it back up, put his hand above my head, turned him on his side, and dove for his ass.

He and b&c made out a bit while I ate Kip's ass. He really loves having it eaten, so he was writhing a bit. I started to play with b&c's cock. It was really nice and hard, so I rolled Kip onto his other side and guided b&c's rod towards Kip's ass. B&c poked around the outside of his hole for a while, and I went back to kissing Kip and tugging on his nipples.

B&c didn't have any real interest in fucking Kip, so he moved around so that he could go down on me while Kip and I kept making out. He was doing a great job on my cock, too. Kip tried again to get his jock down, but I again stopped him. Then I moved a finger to his ass. He started to writhe some more, even though I was only fingering the outside of his hole. When I did that, he moved further up the bed. I'm a lot taller than him, so there was now pretty much unfettered access to my cock, and b&c took the opportunity to lube himself up and sit on me. It was great. Kip had moved far enough up so that I could eat his ass and play with his nipples while b&c bounced up and down on my rod. I could do that all day.

My neck was in a bit of an awkward position, though, so when b&c decided to take a break from riding me, I repositioned Kip so that I could kiss him and push my cockhead between his thighs. He tightened them, and I thrusted. Then he loosened them but kept kissing me. I moved to his nipples for an extended period and kind of lost track of everything else, but when I started paying attention again, I found that b&c (or perhaps Kip, but probably not) had removed Kip's jockstrap and was starting to go down on him. I was a bit put out by this because I figured (rightly, as it turned out), that b&c had just eliminated any chance I had at topping Kip. If you treat a bottom like a sub, he'll pretty much do what you want, assuming he also wants it (and Kip pretty clearly wants to be fucked, but he has some major physiological and psychological hurdles to clear first). But if you start to treat him like a top, then he starts to act like one. I went back to eating his ass again, but when I got my cock back near his ass, he told me it was too painful, even though I hadn't entered him and he had poppers.

Anyway, after a while, b&c went to the bathroom for a bit, and Kip kept trying to fuck my face. Ordinarily, I'd have gone with that because his cock is so small I can easily handle its so-called thrusting, but I figured my best bet was to pin him down, shove a finger in his ass, and suck him off. He took a hit of poppers, and then he loved the way I was hitting his prostate. I didn't have to suck him for long before he started to cum. Tiny cock: huge load.
As soon as he came, kip was good for nothing. He apologized and said he was too tired to help out much, which, given his work schedule, was reasonable. And we had been going at it for ninety minutes. I played with b&c's nipples for a while, and he finished himself off by hand. Long cock: tiny load. Then I quickly finished myself. Thick cock, humongous load. B&c went downstairs to finish dinner, and Kip and I chatted idly while he cleaned up and left. B&c and I ended up having dinner at 10:30.

I'm not sure whether there'll be another threeway with Kip. Hes cute and fun, but he's not as good a kisser as he should be, and he's a bit of a tease. He is, he says, in a monogamous relationship now, but he's had two threeways with us (and has gotten other blowjobs from b&c) while he's been in this relationship. I reckon his definition of monogamy is somewhat more metaphorical than my own, but whatever. If there is another threeway, I'll have to have a discussion with b&c first so that I finally get to fuck that exceptional ass. I'd rather do kip one on one so that I could put him in the restraints and make him beg for my cock up his ass, but I think there may never be an opportunity.

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