Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

In keeping with traditional observances of Thanksgiving, I'm spending today with the girls, and we're eating too much foods. Not too many foods, though. Hard experience has taught me that while I might like to make fifteen different things for T-day, the girls are mainly interested in turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and pie. EFU did actually eat some green beans and even pronounced them "really great." But I'm the only one who touched the cranberry sauce and the dressing. More for me. Everything was delicious, and there are lots of leftovers.

Last night, I joined about a third of our choir in singing at a community Thanksgiving service. It was held at a Catholic church this year (the service is held at a different local church each year), and so the priest for that church was in charge of giving the homily/sermon/reflection/whatever. His name was listed in the service as Fr. John McFarlane, but when he introduced himself, he said, "Hi, I'm Jack McFarlane. I was the only one there who thought that was funny. Fortunately, my laughter was not audible.

B&c came to the service. I'd told him that I'd be singing in it so he'd know that I wouldn't be home until late, and he took that as a request for him to attend. I had to explain to him who Jack McFarlane is, but even before I got a chance to tell him, he said, "Is that priest a total bottom or what?" I'm thankful that I have b&c, so I stifled the urge to say, "It takes one to know one."

Happy Thanksgiving, readers. I hope yours is as pleasant as mine.


jason said...

Happy gobble gobble to u 2.

FitchLove21 said...

omg I would've totally broken out in laughter. haha Was the priest wearing a sweater vest and khakis?! lol