Monday, November 26, 2007


I don't think that I hook up too casually, but every once in a while, I think that I should think that I hook up too casually. But I'm playing safe, so as long as I'm having a good time when I hook up, logic (and my libido) tell me that it's better to have fun than to adopt the morality of my Southern Baptist childhood. On grounds totally independent of morality, sometimes I feel that the time I spend going for that third hook-up might be better spent doing something else, but at the time, nothing else usually seems as interesting. Besides, it's possible to multi-task. This past weekend, between Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, I hooked up four times, and I still managed to get the kitchen cleaned up from Thanksgiving and candy two quarts of orange peel. I'm going to assume that you're more interested in reading about the hook-ups, but if you're interested in discussing candying orange peel, then by all means e-mail me.

I was working on several fronts at once. I had a craigslist ad up, and I was sometimes on, and I logged on a few times to rhymes-with-flirt. It got to be a bit tough to keep all of the guys distinct in my mind, and on Saturday afternoon, when I was heading out to see a movie and then have dinner with a couple of my friends, a guy called my cell phone, gave me his name (or a name, anyway), apologized for not calling me in the morning as he'd said he would, and asked me whether I was still looking. I got as far as "Right now I'm headed out for a movie and dinner with some friends," but when I said, "but e-mail me later, and maybe we can work something out," I think he had already hung up. It is occasionally annoying that cell phones don't make a noise when someone hangs up on you.

Anyway, the first guy was a fit older (he said 48, but I'm guessing 55) guy with white hair. I found him very sexy, at least in appearance. I was supposed to be doing another guy at the same time, so I told him I'd leave the door unlocked and that he could come upstairs, undress, and watch until I was done with the first guy. But then the first guy baled on me after we talked on the phone and I told him he couldn't take a video of our session. So when the other guy showed up and came upstairs, I was alone.

As promised, he kissed. Well, sort of. It turns out that one of the things that really turns him on is having a hand held tightly across his mouth, and if you kiss him hard enough, it provokes the same effect. He didn't really kiss back, but his nipples took quite a beating. What he mostly liked, though, was to have me wrap my hand around his cock and balls and twist slowly. He was quite insistent about having me do it just right. I don't get the deal with bossy submissives, but whatever. I would probably have been annoyed except that he gave good head. He wasn't letting me in his ass (which seemed odd, since he'd obviously cleaned it well), though, and every time I got a finger more than a couple of inches in, he complained. After half an hour or so, I got a little bored, and it was clear I wasn't going to get off from his cocksucking, so I jerked him off to completion, and he left. Next!

That last scene took place after midnight, and I had a couple of things set up for the next day, so I went to sleep not long after. Around 6:30 am, I got a text message from Kip. Previously, Kip had always done threeways with b&c and me, but b&c had given him my number and suggested that he contact me directly over the weekend. We'd exchanged text messages, but he was working when I was free, and I had the girls when he was free. But at 6:30, I got a message that he was about to get off work at the hospital and that he wanted to come over. I texted back that I had another guy showing up at 9, and Kip asked whether he could join us. I said I didn't think the other guy would go for it (probably not true: the other guy was a married sub, and he'd likely have done just what I told him), and he texted back to ask whether he could come over before married guy. Well, why not. I told him I'd leave the door unlocked.

I've wanted to get Kip alone for a while so that I could fuck him. He responds well to an authoritative attitude, so when he came upstairs and got undressed, I pinned him to the bed while we made out for a while. He's got nice lips and solid technique, so that was fun. The cell phone rang while I was straddling him and holding him down. It was the married sub. I pushed him back to 9:30, then told Kip we had plenty of time.

I know that the best way to get to fuck Kip is to ignore his needs, but his ass is just too nice not to eat, and once he was on top of me having his ass eaten and (for once) going down on me, he became less submissive. I pushed a finger up his ass, and he complained, so I put him on his back, held him down, and chewed on his nipples until he became more compliant. I went back with two fingers, and he took a hit on his poppers. When I gloved up and started to lube his hole, he started to say he was scared, but I ignored him. But every time my cockhead got up against his hole, he'd wriggle away a little, and pretty soon he as hanging over the edge of the bed. I pulled him back, pushed his knees farther up, and got my cockhead in, and he asked me to stop and said he was scared of being fucked. You really can't fuck a guy when he's told you not to, so I stopped. He told me that he really doesn't get fucked and that his boyfriend mostly just fondles him. He'd previously bragged about his bf's huge cock, so I'm not sure what to believe. I'd had a pretty good time with the making out, nipple play, and rimming, so I wasn't particularly upset. Besides, if I decide he's worth the trouble, next time, I'll just get his agreement in advance, tie him down, and fuck him. I'm not sure he is worth the trouble, but he may be. In any case, the married guy was due pretty soon, so I went down on Kip. It's such a suckable cock, anyway. As always, he came very quickly, and I had time to change the sheets for the married sub.

The married sub was another fit older guy, maybe 50. I don't know why I find fit guys with white hair so attractive, but I do. Not necessarily more attractive than thirty-something Asians, or tall African Americans with bubble butts or stocky Latinos with uncut cocks, but very attractive all the same. This guy was a true sub. He didn't ask me to do anything, and he didn't refuse me anything. A couple of times I backed off on the nip work a bit when I could tell that he wanted to ask me to ease up but wouldn't. But he was a great and avid kisser, gave terrific head, and had an immaculate ass that responded very well to being eaten. In fact, after the making out, the intense nipple play, and the rimming him while he went down on me, I had to repeat the whole process again. I could tell that he wanted to be fucked, but he wasn't going to ask for anything, so it was over an hour before I handed him the condom and told him to put it on me. It probably would have been easier for him to do if I hadn't been eating his ass at the same time, but whatever.

The buttsex itself only lasted ten minutes. I guess I was pretty worked up from the other guys because I actually came in the condom in his ass. He appeared to have had a splendid time. As did I. He's not far away, so I think I'll be seeing him again, when our schedules line up. Lots of fun.

The fourth guy was another sub, but a sub of the more demanding variety. Fortunately, what he wanted lined up very well with what I wanted. Unfortunately, when he called to say he could come over, he said he would only have twenty minutes and just "wanted to get to know" me. Fortunately, you can do a lot in twenty minutes. He liked to kissed, loved having his nipples squeezed, liked being pushed around, and -- despite complaining frequently and loudly that my cock was far too thick to go in his "super tight" ass -- took great delight in lining my cock up with his ass, taking it halfway in, and yelping about the size of it as he pushed it back out. I semi-fucked him in at least five different positions. I can work very quickly when I want to. He e-mailed me afterwards to say that he wants to get together for a more extended session, but we'll have to see. He made an awful lot of suggestions, so he may be a little bit too demanding. The combination of liking to kiss and a truly (if not super) tight ass might be too much to pass up, though.

After I was done with him, I worked some more on the orange peel, then went to see Lions for Lambs (don't bother) with my buddy George and his #1 (of three) boyfriend, who was in town from NYC. I hadn't met #1 before, but he was a very nice guy. After the movie, we went to dinner, and then I had them back to the house for pecan pie and coffee. Not long after they left, b&c got back from visiting his mom in NJ.

So how was your holiday weekend?

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