Monday, November 19, 2007


B&c was in Colorado this past weekend. Normally, this would afford me several opportunities to play, but he left Wednesday morning and came back yesterday afternoon, so I only had the chance to play with the guys from Wednesdayy, when I was home with the sinus headache. YFU was over Wednesday evening and for the weekend, and I had choir practice Thursday night. YFU's very busy with rehearsals for the local Nutcracker, but the rehearsals are typically only 1.5 hours long, so unless I'm both lucky and very organized, there's not enough time to play. And there's always stuff to do. While she rehearsed on Saturday, I got the car washed and the oil changed, and then it was time to go and pick her up.

On Sunday, though, she had a rehearsal at 3:00. Because I usually take her back to the ex' house on Sunday at 4, the ex agreed to pick her up afterwards. I knew b&c was due back not long after 3 (Whenever he flies on United, his usual carrier, they call my cell phone with an automated message about his arrival time. Often he's flying to Europe on an evening flight, and I get the robocall in the middle of the night, but for his flight back from Denver, the call came in shortly before noon and told me his flight was due to land a little before 2.

I didn't expect to find anything suitable on craigslist, but there was a guy who lived not very far from where I'd be dropping YFU and who said he wanted to be a "cum lapper":
Looking for guys who love a hot mouth with skill wrapped around their dick. Want to give good head, deep throat and then suck your nuts while you jack off on your torso. My fantasy fulfilment--I'll then clean you up good with my tongue licking up all your man juice. Big shooters welcomed first.

Am 35, 5'8", 160, musc., masc., ddf, 8.75" thick and v/g/l. Hosting in Rockville for bj lovers. Not into reciprocity or fucking. Pic requested--even if only a dick pic.

He had body pics in his CL ad. He was smooth and African American and looked great. So I sent an e-mail, with my cock pic, saying that I could be there shortly after 3:00. He replied quickly with some face pics and his address and apartment number, telling me to come by when I could as long as it was before 4, when he had to "step out for a while." I replied with my face pic, saying that I'd be there not long after three. He replied (fast on the e-mail, that one was) that the door would be open and that he'd see me then.

A couple minutes later, he sent another e-mail asking me to come at 3:30 "or a little after" instead. I was about to leave then, so I e-mailed back to say fine and to give him my cell number in case his plans changed again. Then I drove YFU to ballet and dropped her off with all her stuff. I killed some time by getting a diet soda, and then I headed to the guy's address.

When he changed the time from 3 to 3:30, I figured that he had lined up another cock to suck and planned to finish sucking it around 3:30. I thought about waiting a few extra minutes outside the building to see who came out, but I'd said that I'd get there right around 3:30, so I only waited until 3:31 to climb the stairs to his condo. I figured that if he was sucking another guy off, either he'd bolt the door or I'd get to watch.

I stood outside his doorway for a minute. Walking into someone's home without knocking always feels slightly dangerous. It can be very dangerous if you're not a good judge of character, but even when you're convinced that it's safe, there's a thrill involved in walking into a guy's home and expecting to find him naked. The thrill's even bigger if you think he's going to be giving some guy a blowjob.

The door was unlocked, and when I walked through the entryway to the living room, he was on his knees, going down on what I'm guessing was a thirty-five year old married guy (MG). He wasn't wearing a ring, but he looked married. And kind of hot. The cum lapper (CL) looked up long enough to tell me to come in, so I grabbed a seat opposite the sofa where they were going at it. Either MG had been warned or he does this a lot or he was just having too good a time to react much, but he didn't seem to mind having been walked in on. I'd stepped over his flip flops on the way into the living room, and his track pants were lying on the floor, but he was still clothed from the waist up. CL was fully naked (and hot: he had not lied about his cock size, or anything else) and went right back to the bj, sucking up and down the guy's cock and running one hand up under the guy's shirt to play with his nips while he stroked his own cock with the other hand. It was a minute or two later when MG said that he was about to cum. The lapper pulled let the cock out of his mouth and started stroking, and MG put his hand up to block the cumshot so that he wouldn't get any on his shirt.

It didn't work, though. He came hard, and his hand only deflected some of the semen. One of the shots hit him in the face. CL laughed and then started to clean MG up with his tongue. When he took MG's cock back in his mouth, MG grimaced, and I could tell he was really sensitive. CL went to grab a towel. His very large cock was hard and dripping a long thread of precum as he left the room.

I wondered whether MG came harder because I'd been there watching. CL's computer was also playing some porn with a lot of cumshots, but I know a lot of guys have exhibitionist streaks. Not me: I thought that watching the guy cum was very hot, but if someone had walked in on me, I'd have been freaked out. Though I guess I would have tried hard not to show it. One presumes that if there's anything that married guys going for craigslist blowjobs are good at, it's at hiding what they're thinking.

Anyway, CL wiped him up, and MG slid on his track pants and flip flops on was gone before I'd been there 5 minutes. CL smiled at me, so I undid my zipper and pushed my pants and briefs down around my ankles and sat back down. Even though watching him go down on the other guy had been exciting, I was fully soft. But CL swallowed my cock right away, and (very) soon there was wood.

CL was a terrific cocksucker. I ran my hands across his arm muscles and reached down to tweak a nipple, but when I put my hands on his head to push, he shook his head -- without letting my cock out of his mouth -- so I decided to just lie back and enjoy for a while. I looked over my shoulder at the porn, and it was hot, but it was more fun to watch CL work on me.

He'd started right around 3:35, and he'd gone about ten minutes when he stopped to ask me how I liked it. I realized that I probably hadn't been verbalizing my appreciation sufficiently, so while he ran his lips and tongue all over my nuts, I told him it was awesome head (no exaggeration there). When he got my cock back in his mouth, I made more of an effort to moan and make appropriate comments.

It's pretty difficult for me to cum from cocksucking even in the best of circumstances (and these were pretty great circumstances) unless I do some face fucking, so when he'd been going at it a while longer, I put my hands back on his head, and this time he didn't object, so I grabbed his head and shoved it up and down my cock. He seemed to appreciate it. When I lay back again, he started stroking my cock with his hand while sucking on my nuts. It felt great. I knew I wouldn't get off that way, but there was still time. Every once in a while I'd glance back over my shoulder and a new guy or guys would be shooting loads.

When he'd been going at me for twenty minutes without a break, I grabbed his head again and started working it harder. I could see that 4:00 was rapidly approaching, and I didn't want to overstay my welcome, so I kept it up for a few minutes of solid head-grabbing up down. I could feel that I was getting closer, and I started making more and more noise, mostly involuntarily.

It was almost exactly 4:00 when I felt the orgasm making its final approach. I took my hands off his head and told him I was about to cum, but he didn't stop sucking up and down my cock even after the second warning, and then I started to shoot. He kept right on sucking, not missing a drop, and fifteen or so seconds later, he looked up at me, smiled again and said, "Cumming in my mouth is good sometimes, too." Then he went back down for last drops.

He grabbed the towel and told me what a nice workout I'd given him, and I told him that he'd given me a really first rate blowjob. He said that he was glad that he hadn't scheduled anyone for after me because I'd worn him out and that he'd have a terrific time jerking off later while thinking of it. I pulled up my shorts and pants, fastened up, thanked him again, and left.

I figure that now I'm even. I gave that random local guy a blowjob on Wednesday, and I got one on Sunday. It's true that the bj I gave lasted no more than a minute and the one I got was almost half an hour, but that's pretty much the way everyone involved wanted it. Besides: who says life is fair?

When I got home, b&c was back from his trip and had started the laundry. He was asking me a question about his son-in-law's estate tax problem when he casually threw in that Kip had texted him to see about doing a threeway. B&c didn't seem all that eager, and I needed some recovery time. I told b&c that I wouldn't be ready for a while but that if Kip wanted to come over at 8 or so, it'd be okay. I also explained to b&c that he needed not to be so accommodating to Kip so that Kip would want me to fuck him. As it happened, 8:00 was a no go for Kip, but neither b&c nor I was particularly disappointed that he couldn't make it.


FitchLove21 said...

Have you ever had any frightning situations with any of these guys you go and have sex with?

Maybe im a bit of a pussy but umm, idk i feel like if i were to go to one of these guys' house theyd like attack me or something... idk just wondering ifyoud ever been caught in a dangerous cituation during one of these events is all.

Let me know


TED said...


I don't have an email address for you, so I'm answering in the comment and hoping you see the answer.

I've never found myself in a dangerous situation. I've found myself, on a very few occasions, in uncomfortable situations, and then I just left, but I never felt like I was at risk.

But you do have to be careful and exercise some judgment. There have been situations that I've avoided because they seemed suspect. Anyway, drop me an email if you want to discuss the matter further.