Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Little Something for the Guy Who Found Me by Googling "Erwin Schrott Pictures"

B&c called me into his computer room last night to show me the above picture. You can actually tell that Erwin has a package from it. It's not that impressive a package, but we all know that I don't care about cock size.

Still, in the extremely unlikely event that he ever sings the title role in Salome, you can bet I'll be there with box seats and binoculars.

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Will said...

Ah, but the beauty part is that with contemporary productions you don't have to wait for an opera with a legitimate instance of nudity to find yourself in the presence of a gaggle of all- or semi-undressed men.

All the director need do is to update, say, Fidelio to the shower room in some federal penetentiary and the costume budget gets reduced by at least 60%.