Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Reasonable Request?

From today's missed connections on craigslist.

I want my shorts back... - m4m - 27

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Date: 2007-11-06, 8:56PM EST

You know who you are.

Location: NOVA

I think that the "Location: NOVA" here is wholly superfluous. Where else would someone posting an ad like that be from? I will give him credit for conciseness, though.

As for the substance, I have never been a collector of other men's underwear, but it's a common enough hobby among gay men. Let's face it: if we put notches on our bedposts, we might as well just ask a horde of termites over for lunch. And I suppose you could blog about your hookups, but, well, how lame is that?
I'm pretty sure that if you leave a guy's house without your shorts, he's entitled to add them to his collection. If it's not the law, it should be. On moral and ethical grounds, certainly, the request for a return of the shorts has no merit.

I'm not entirely without sympathy for the poster here. I can think of two particular pairs of boxers that I'd really hate to lose. They're extremely comfortable, and the manufacturer is no more, so they're not replaceable. And they're really great for hooking up in because they look good, feel good, and allow easy access to the good(s).
Ultimately, though, I'm trying to imagine a scenario where this guy unknowingly left the other guy's place without his own shorts that doesn't make him look like an idiot. And I'm coming up blank. Maybe his shorts were kidnapped by aliens, but aliens a) never return shorts and b) don't read missed connections. The lack of logic makes their giant heads explode.

So I'm going to go with wishing this guy the best of luck, but figuring that he's not likely to see those shorts again.

Let that be a lesson to you.
Of course, those shorts might shag their way to another, another, and yet another guy, so his best bet is to stop complaining and start sleeping with as many shorts-wearing men as he can find.

Let that be a lesson to you, too.

Anyway, if you see a lot of m4m craigslist ads from a guy with a very particular underwear fetish, you'll know why.

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Will said...

In my trick-ier days, I frequently used to trade undies with the gentleman du jour (or de nuit as the case may have been). Neither of us got skunked (I was about to say got screwed, but at least one of us had) and we both got a trophy out of the deal. If they didn't want to, no harm done--if they did, I got to sample different brands and styles. Fucking and fashion--two great gay interests!